Installation process

The ZnO Shield nanotechnology is not sold as a DIY solution, we have a network of “Factory Certified Installers” who use electrostatic sprayer to properly install our technology.

Why do we use Electrostatic Sprayers?

Electrostatic sprayers produce electrically charged spray droplets which are carried to the target in a high-speed air stream. The result is more than twice the deposition efficiency of hydraulic and regular air-assisted sprayers. The spray nozzle uses compressed air to atomize a spray and carry droplets onto the target surfaces in a turbulent cloud. Electrostatic means the droplets are electrically charged. Because of that, they attract to surfaces instead of drifting away or falling to the floor area.

By using air assistance in combination with electrostatics, the amount of spray material reaching the surfaces is increased significantly. In fact, coverage to tops, sides, and bottoms is increased to 70 times more than with conventional sprayers.

Electrostatic Wrap-Around
Electrical charging causes an attraction force between the sprayed drops and the target surfaces. The electrical charge on the spray droplets is small, but the force of attraction to the surface is strong since the sprayed particles are lightweight. The electrical force which pulls the spray towards the surface is 40 times greater than the force of gravity. This means when the droplets approach the target surface, they will reverse direction and move upwards against gravity. The electrostatic wrap-around phenomenon occurs as droplets move quickly towards the target. The level of charge is important for the electrostatic effect. Other electrostatic sprayers have not been able to produce a charge high enough to give a significant electrostatic benefit.

Low-Volume Spraying
The electrostatic sprayer is low-volume, meaning it uses 10 to 50 times less water-carrier than standard hydraulic sprayers, and large areas can be covered with less product.

Induction Charging Process
The heart of our air-assisted Electrostatic sprayer is the patented air-atomizing induction charging nozzle. Air and liquid enter separately at the rear of the nozzle. The air moves at a high speed through the nozzle and intersects the liquid at the nozzle tip, causing the formation of spray droplets. As the spray is atomized, the droplets pass a unique embedded induction electrode that induces a charge on each droplet. The charged droplets are propelled onto the target surfaces by the force of the turbulent air stream. The electrostatic charge on the spray droplets is negative. Positive electrical charges on the target surface pull the spray droplets to the tops, bottoms and sides of the surface, providing 360 degree wrap-around coverage.

To join the installation team contact us weekdays between 7am and 4pm (GMT-5) +1 (954) 367-9274

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